About Us

Point of care screening - painless & effective!

Lack of access to preventive healthcare and non-compliance of regular monitoring of chronic diseases often leads patients to approach hospitals late, increasing the disease severity, which in turn increases the mortality. Multiple devices doing only one disease measurement at a time and using painful methods to do so often complicates this problem further as this discourages people from going for frequent health check-ups. Not conducting early diagnosis or regular monitoring of chronic diseases is increasing healthcare costs by $350Billions. World Health Organisation (WHO) addressed this as high priority concerns that need to be addressed across nations. With the lifestyle changes and the increase in treatment costs are only increasing the problem. 

We, at Aarca Research, has developed a novel technique for early detection and monitoring of Diabetes, Hypertension and Dyslipidemia. Our software uses computer vision to process the images taken from the user using a thermal camera. We use machine learning models and analyse these thermal images for the bio-markers information and identify the comorbidity risk profile of an individual.  We have filed for seven patents as on date for our technology. 

Advantages of our software: 

  • First-in-class solution.
  • Painless, non-contact and no-radiation solution.
  • Accurate and medically reviewed. 
  • Addresses significant health risks of a person with a single screening.
  • An intelligent solution whose accuracy and speed improves over time.
  • Cloud-based solution with near real-time reporting. 
  • Low-cost in comparison with traditional methods.

Our Products

We understand the important of preventive health care and the requirement for a non-invasive point of care solution. With these advantages in mind, we developed IHRA (Intelligent Health Risk Assessment) designed as a single touch point screening solution for chronic diseases.  

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